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SideLoad Android Apps to your Playbook with a Single Command

Download the tools and automagically download and install Android .bar files without actually visting a site and clicking download straight to your Playbook and Install it right away without any extra steps.

Download (6MB) .zip or Download on GitHub

Just Download and the command generated below from within the Playbook Tools folder and you're ready to go!

Files are hosted by our gracious friends at Good eReader. All Files are available on GitHub as well for your enjoyment.

Package ID: Select an App

Package details

Playbook IP Address

Default is when connected via USB change this in case yours happens to be different.

Playbook Password

This is the password which you type in under Settings > Security > Development Mode

Shell Command

Copy and paste the following command into your terminal

How it works

And finally!

Thanks to Adam Zeis for this article on How to load Android apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook from your Mac.

Please note that none of these files are hosted here. This is merely an interface and not a proxy. Any downloading you do will take place from your own machine via shell script.

These files are Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0!

Contact me with any questions or comments

Salud Aramys Miranda
Last Updated 1/20/13
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